Who We Are

Peter M. von Dyck, Executive Director

A 20 year technology executive and developer of new technologies and businesses in the areas of enterprise software, surgical devices, and other breakthrough technologies deeply rooted in philanthropic and social minded healthcare,  Peter has built two successful technology companies around  “patient centric” outcomes, including Zassi Medical, a  successful medical device firm named in honor of his late Sister.

Megan Powell, MSN, CRNA

Megan is a Board Certified Nurse Anesthetist and completed her Masters in Anesthesia. She has 10 years of clinical experience as a Registered Nurse with a special interest in acute and chronic pain management.

Nikki Barnes, Chief Interface Officer

With a decade of  technology experience, including Innovation Software, Cellular and Virtual Reality Technologies, as well as many years volunteering in her community, Nikki helped found VR DreamZ. She knew that her local kidZ could really benefit from VR in their health care environments. She is dedicated to VR, the research, and the overwhelming evidence that VR does actually help with chronic pain and depression.

Billy Brandon, Chief Technology Officer

A VR expert and Youtube personality, writer, and indie filmmaker. Billy has a keen interest in the many avenues of media. With virtual reality at the top of his list, Billy seeks to exploit his knowledge and adventures in VR to help introduce the medium to those who can benefit from the technology.

Thank You To Our Partners

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