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Developing Innovative Teaching with Virtual Reality

Alumnus Partners with Virtual Reality Company and Children’s Clinic to Create Therapeutic VR Application

One of the core values at University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences is “promoting excellence and innovation in education,” and Dr. Jon Edenfield, a 2000 graduate from one of the University’s first Occupational Therapy cohorts, carried that innovative mindset into his practice. He is on the forefront of new technologies that will help children with developmental disabilities through virtual reality.

In January 2019, Stella Johnson, CEO of Hope Haven Children’s Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, connected VR Dreamz, a virtual reality company, with Great Strides Rehabilitation Inc, a comprehensive pediatric therapy and educational center of excellence, and Dr. Edenfield’s rehab center.

VR Dreams has approached the clinic because they wanted to create an application to be used by therapists, but they had no idea where to start.

“We had about 10-15 therapists come to a meeting and we brainstormed about 25 different potential applications for this VR,” Dr. Edenfield said. “A lot of them having to do with various development disabilities.”

At their initial meeting, Executive Director of VR Dreamz, Peter M. von Dyck, put the VR goggles on Dr. Edenfield and his team to show them the technology’s capabilities.

The goggles immerse users in a whole new environment, allowing them to look around and explore, but VR Dreamz also have sensors that go on users’ hands and feet. The sensors give the users feedback when they reach to touch or feel things within the virtual environment, making the experience even more real....

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April 2019

Look for VR DreamZ to be featured in The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences' newsletter for Occupational Therapy month. Coming out soon! 

May 2018

Our MOSH event was a hit!

VR DreamZ and Timucuan Parks Foundation are featured on the First Coast News in Jax! Check out the video below!

May 2018

VR DreamZ and Timucuan Parks Foundation talk upcoming project for brining Jax parks to hospital bound children. To Listen to the interview with NPR, click the picture below! 

June 2017

Teaming Up With

VRdreamZ had a great showcase at the 2017 Serving Up a Cure charity event. Great to see so much community interest and activity to help provide new solutions to help fight against, live with and beat cancer.

Partnering Up With

August 2017
VR DreamZ is partnering with Timucuan Parks Foundation to bring a Virtual Reality TPF Park Experience to hospitalized children! Please help us achieve this by donating to the cause or contact us to learn more about how you can help!