We Are All About The KidZ!

At VR DreamZ we are bringing light to an otherwise dark situation. The idea that some children will be spending a long duration of their childhoods in a hospital is never something you want to think about, but it's definitely reality. With Virtual Reality it allows a child to escape the confines of a hospital room.

Watch this emotional video of children at C.S. Motts Hospital experience VR for the very first time. (Use Sound)

What VR DreamZ Is Doing For The KidZ

We are bringing our hospitalized kidZ to a happier mindset with VR! We are providing customized VR content, services and equipment based on the specific mental and physical capabilities of the kidZ. Whether a child has a dialysis appointment, sitting stationary for hours a day, weeks at a time, or the child who has Cystic Fibrosis and needs to be in an isolated hospital room for extended periods and may not be able to interact with the outside world, we will make sure they receive all facets of VR, to escape the stressful, painful experience and become happier and more active in this environment.

How Virtual Reality Is Helping In Healthcare

Making children feel like they’re at home

The experience in a hospital is even more stressful and mentally burdening for small children who miss their parents, their best buddies, their favourite blanket and generally, the soothing environment called home.

Now, a Dutch company made their dreams possible. Through a smartphone and virtual glasses, VisitU makes live contact possible with a 360 degree camera at the patient’s home, school or special occasions such as a birthday celebration or a football game. Though hospitalized, young patients can relax and still enjoy their lives. (http://medicalfuturist.com/5-ways-medical-vr-is-changing-healthcare/)

Relaxing chronic patients with Medical VR

Have you ever lain down on a hospital bed counting the days until you are released? Did you, as a patient ever have the feeling that time just stops in the hospital, there is nothing to do, you miss your family and friends and you are constantly worried about your condition?

Brennan Spiegel and his team at the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles introduced VR worlds to their patients to help them release stress and reduce pain. With the special goggles, they could escape the four walls of the hospital and visit amazing landscapes in Iceland, participate in the work of an art studio or swim together with whales in the deep blue ocean.

Spiegel says that not only can the hospital experience be improved with medical VR, but the costs of care may also be reduced. By reducing stress and pain, the length of the patient’s stay in the ward or the amount of resources utilized can both be decreased. (http://medicalfuturist.com/5-ways-medical-vr-is-changing-healthcare/)